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Mid-Rise Wood Construction

The New Zealand Government has an international commitment to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The Mid-Rise Wood Construction partnership between the Ministry for Primary Industries and Red Stag supports that initiative.

The partnership aims to encourage the use of New Zealand produced engineered mass-timber materials - cross-laminated timber panels, glulam beams and posts, laminated veneer lumber - and prefabrication - as an alternative to steel and concrete in the construction of mid-rise buildings. The lowest carbon design option is to build sustainable, social and environmental structures with wood.

The Ministry for Primary Industries’ website has more information on the Mid-Rise Wood Construction partnership, including quarterly progress updates.


Key Goals | Mid-Rise Wood Construction

1 | Knowledge Transfer
Share the knowledge of mid-rise wood construction options with New Zealand's design professionals and the construction sector.

2 | Building for Climate Change
Prepare the New Zealand design community for the changes government will be making with its 'Building for Climate Change' programme.
3 | Reference Sites

To support the development of both residential, public and commercial reference builds in New Zealand that can showcase the benefits of mass engineered timber.

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