Second CLT-Construction Site Tour Announced for Ryman Healthcare

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After a successful tour in 2023, the CLT construction site of Ryman Healthcare’s groundbreaking new retirement village in Christchurch is open again, this time on 23 May 2024. Property Developers, Designers and Constructors are invited to inspect this mass timber project during construction and meet key design and construction team members. This tour is a must-attend for any building professional interested in the future of sustainable construction.

Join us for an exclusive tour of Ryman Healthcare’s newest sustainably-built retirement village in Christchurch, Kevin Hickmann village. Attendees will have the opportunity to see the innovative use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction up-close and learn how this mass engineered timber helps reduce the carbon footprint compared to traditional building materials.

This event is intended for construction industry professionals who want to see CLT used in practice. You’ll get an inside look at how CLT is implemented for the main building structure and learn some of the how to’s when working with mass timber.

The tour will be hosted by Mid-Rise Wood Construction. Don’t miss this chance to see the future of sustainable building! Click here to register now.

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