Monash Business School, Melbourne

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The Monash CLT vertical extension was the first CLT project to be undertaken at an Australian university. As the business school operates strictly for students at postgraduate or executive study levels, NH architecture wanted to reflect the innovative learning style with an innovative building and material.

With panoramic views across the Melbourne, the three-storey pavilion showcases over 300 degree views of the skyline.

The Monash Business School extension brief was for a new pavilion and connecting stairwell to the existing campus. The project called for an innovative material in a symbolic and practical sense. As the vertical extension was to be located on the existing 8th floor concrete terrace, the structure would need to be lightweight in order to be supported by existing foundations. The strength-weight ratio of mass timber over concrete and steel made the three-storey addition possible. The opportunity to use CLT was immediately harnessed by NH Architecture.

The Monash University clients, along with NH Architecture, were keen to expose the timber where possible. The natural beauty of the XLam CLT was expressed openly in the hallway and stairwell area, displaying both structure and finish in a singular materiality. Appearance grade CLT was specified so that raw timber exposure was possible.

Photo credit: XLam Australia

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