Carbon 12 Portland, Oregon, USA

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A boutique collection of 14 units, Carbon12 is a glass and timber showpiece located in Portland, Oregon. Its structure is assembled from prefabricated Structurlam GlulamPlus® beams and columns, and CrossLam® CLT panels, which represent the next big evolution in the construction industry in the United States, and which have enormous positive economic and environmental potential.

Lighter than concrete, faster and safer to assemble than any other structural system, and most importantly, carbon sequestering, Carbon12’s sophisticated wood structure forever locks away atmospheric CO2. Its pioneering approach to midrise construction is a paradigm shift in the industry, and will serve as a model and precedent for timber construction across the nation.

Carbon12 also incorporates several other sustainability & contextually responsive features: an underground mechanical parking system, rooftop solar panels, and state-of-the-art earthquake monitoring and alert systems. The building’s slender footprint offers maximum potential for the ground-floor retail uses to spill out onto the site, and for the project to create a true sense of place in the neighbourhood.

Photo credit: Carbon12

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