Arbora Residential Project: Montreal’s tallest wooden building

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Located in Griffintown, Montreal, the 597,560-square-foot Arbora project aimed to offer 434 condo, townhouse, and rental units in 3 eight-story buildings all with a budget of $130 million CAD.

A truly green approach resulted in the buildings only taking up 55% of the ground surface. The remaining 40% would be occupied with green space, including an urban forest with an art station, large interior courtyard, and park.

With its three 8-story buildings, the structure is constructed entirely of mass timber. The bearing partition walls of the load resistance system are built with FSC-certified cross-laminated timber and the gravitational/vertical load resistance system is a post and beam structure of FSC certified glulam supplied by Nordic Structures.

The mass-timber panels are held together by wooden tongues or nailed metal, and self-tapping screws are used to assemble the beams and columns. Generous, open floor plans and 9-foot ceilings complement the timber’s warm aesthetic.

Prefabricated panels cut to the required dimensions were shipped to the site from a plant in Chibougamau, Québec.

Arbora is aiming for LEED platinum certification.

Click here to view in-depth details about the project.

Source and image credit: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

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