2018 – The Gardens – Strongbuild, Australia

Featured image for “2018 – The Gardens – Strongbuild, Australia”

Aveo Norwest at Sydney’s Norwest Business Park ‘Circa’ precinct is a multi-residential development that delivers high levels of amenity, social, and environmental sustainability within an innovative design and build. Discarding convention and pushing the boundaries of mass timber technology, this multi-storey, luxury retirement village represents one of the largest applications of cross laminated timber (CLT) in Australia, winning the Sustainability category at the 2018 Australian Timber Design Awards.

The client’s brief was for an efficient, high quality construction that went beyond a ‘standard box’ design. ‘Waratah’, the resulting flagship 10-storey residential building, certainly achieves this, featuring distinctive curved and seemingly cantilevered balconies constructed from approximately 3,600 m3 of CLT.

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